Pista Food

            Inarguably the most delicious pistachios in the world


Roasted Shelled Pistachio

Unparalleled natural taste. Toasted and roasted, shelled salty pistachios that define the upper limit. 

Ground Pistachio

Pistachio kernels chopped down to a fine powder to add value to cooking as an ingredient. 

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Pistachio Puree

Additive-free ground pistachio, only the oil of its very own, and the kernel. 

Pistachio Paste

A combination of meticulously selected pistachio kernels and natural sugar made of sugarbeets.

About Pista Food

  A devotion to the plant, our endeavor is to uphold the family tradition of growing and processing the finest pistachio kernels with hands on it, from seedling to final product. 

  Pista Food, producing pistachios and all that comes from pistachios, is a solution partner for kernels and derivatives such as paste, puree, and shelled & unshelled kernels.

  80 years of know-how reflected on every step with a passion for perfection, in facilities with state-of-the-art machinery and compliances with global standards known to the industry makes the world's most renowned pistachios originating from the region of Gaziantep Turkey, inarguably the most delicious pistachios in the world.